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Recovery Institute
Recovery Institute
of Southwest Michigan, Inc.

A Peer-To-Peer
Support Organization
"We are a family,
a family in recovery."
Phone: 269-343-6725

The Recovery Institute of Southwest Michigan is a peer run and peer delivered organization incorporated as an independent nonprofit in September of 2006. Here recipients of mental health and/or substance abuse services pool their resources to advance wellness and recovery.

Recovery Institute provides individuals seeking recovery an assortment of services and learning opportunities. The movement toward peer provided and peer run services has shown positive effects and continues to do so more and more as peer offered services are expanded.

This more personalized form of contact helps individuals make their own headway in the mental health system. We foster recovery through our work and our example. We aim to give hope where there is little or no hope. We spread the word that recovery is not merely a matter of surviving one’s illness, but rather a dynamic and active movement that brings about a meaningful change in lifestyle and habits.

Recovery is transformational and it is valued by the community and individuals. It brings completeness, happiness and fulfillment, thus satisfying both the needs of the individual and the community.